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  1. Oh, man I had totally forgotten about this guy. That makes the last panel seem a lot more plausible, when I compare the development you have given him the the time spent on Alex it’s rather oblivious which way you intended things to go. As much as I hate writing that seems to try to justify every move by painting clear villains and hero’s there could have been another remark or two to better color him. But I guess he’ll remain a quiet mystery that was fated with bad timing and poor position. I look back at the first panel where they were introduced, and it looks like Sara is some small animal they’ve just cornered and are about to pounce on. Bad circumstance.

  2. heh yeah i’d forgotten about him too…what was his name again? but I really like him, sooo much better than the date guys… hopefully her rejection of the other guy was partially due to this guy.

  3. “Oh hey, sorry! I didn’t see you there.”

    And then he talks about the guy walking away?

    “I didn’t see you there…” Yeah, right.


  4. Alan, Alex, Andrew… Do you like guys names that start with “A” or am I just drawing silly connections?

    Other Guy’s names, Ray, Steffen, William. I’m silly, and you’ve worked hard on this, I forgot how deep this comic is, but there’s a lot of pages in the archive, and I keep thinking we’re on comic 21.

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